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Hello fellow forest dwellers!

I quickly wanted to share what may be already known by some, and just skipped by others, and this is the "Hole Description" prior to each beginning shot. I must say I used to, and sometimes still just click past it, although if you quickly scan what it says, it can help you big time. I find it especially helpful on courses I am not familiar with, both stroke play and ctth games. I try to make it habit to use as a reminder on courses I've played many, many times.

Along with this bit of thought don't forget the value of a caddy book (notepad, your arm or leg, though that gets problematic after a while.) Always nice to refresh from notes so you don't repeat the same distance, breaks etc. on certain holes over and over!



20% Rough-+5     30% Rough-+10     40% Rough- +15

Usually 40% or more I`m setting up my next shot on the fairway, A Punch shot works well in this situation. Under 100 yds I`ll take a shot at the green though.

Under 30 yds in the rough or bunker, take 10% of the yardage X Lie and add it to your yardage. So if you have a 26 yd shot in 30% rough it would be 32 yds, 40% would be 34 yds, then add for spin.


Chips: Although I put Full Spin on everything around the green, I don`t add the 3 yds on chips. So if its 12 yds, i`ll put full spin on it and hit it 12. You have to hit it with at least 70% power or you will flub it.


Pitches: Figure the rough like above and add to the yardage, Full Spin +3, then minus two.

Example: 25 yds 30%Rough=31, +3 forFS and -2 for run=32. So hit it 32 with FS


Flops: Same as pitches, except you don`t minus the 2. Aim 3’ left of the pin and adjust for wind. The putting grid is in 2’ squares, The Blue box is 10’ and the arrow in the middle of the box is 5’

The most important thing is to pick the right shot for that situation.

This is what works for me, and I hope it works for you. Something to practice

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